Monday, 12 January 2009

Diana Vickers - Fan Dragged Away By The Bouncers!

MSN Celebrity blog editor, Colleen, has reported that Diana Vickers-rhymes-with-Knickers was involved in a brawl on stage recently.

It was apparently during a performance of Patience – Take That’s wonderful hit and a particularly poignant song to Crusty as I often need quite a bit of it when dealing with the staff at Crusty Hall.

A 17 year old was dragged away by the bouncers (Ouch!) after he tried to put his arm around the scatty-haired songstress – well hormones at that age, my little Crustettes, can make one lunge for virtually anything!

Diana, shaken by the whole affair, was taken off stage (maybe she should have been dragged away by the bouncers – see how she liked it!) until the “furore had subsided” or until the cheers had ended, I’m unsure which.

There was, apparently, also the sound of heartless boos from members of the crowd, although I was unaware that a party of Crustettes had attended the event – Bless you, dears!

Much to the disappointment of the audience, five minutes later, she returned to the stage to continue murdering this much loved classic in her own windpipe-punctured style.

There was no mention as to whether Eeyore Squiggles was at the event.

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