Thursday, 15 January 2009

David Milibland - It Was Wrong!

Crusty has never been a great follower of politics, - they're all very creepy, aren't they? They can only seem to say things such as, "let's be clear", " the real question is..." and "Can I still have the 48" plasma TV with cinema surround sound and wall bracket on my expense account and can you record it as a toaster?".

Well, this morning while Chu Me was serving me breakfast in the conservatory, I heard on Radio 4 that David Milibland had said that the war on terriers had been a mistake. I never knew such a cruel war had even been started - don't even think of attacking my pussy!

Mr. Milibland, pictured here describing the length of something (you had Crusty's attention at seven inches, dear!) said that it has only seemed to make matters worse.

One suspects, that on reflection, the other war you are waging against Osama Bin Liner will end up with the same conclusion.

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