Friday, 16 January 2009

Tilly Lockey - Sports Personalities, Celebrities and Heather Mills Offer Support.

Crusty has just been sitting in the drawing room watching the television and saw a teaser of a program to be shown very soon.

The story is of a gorgeous little poppet, Tilly Lockey, who through illness, had to have her hands amputated when she was very, very young. This program, Crusty feels, will be deeply moving but at the same time uplifting and will be ensuring she remembers to watch it...I urge all my little Crustettes to do the same.

Anyhoo... within the trailer we are told that sports personalities and celebrities have bestowed our little poppet with love, affection and support.

One of those shown in the trailer is Heather Mills, formerly Heather Mills-McCartney - so it was, in fact, sports personalities, celebrities and others.

Crustettes will recall, from recent court publications, that this is the woman who wrote all of The Beatles hits, designed all the Paul McCartney stage sets, gave all her money to charity except that which she kept for herself and - although performing cartwheels on Dancing with the Stars - complained during her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney, that he would skip up the stairs to his private jet while leaving her to crawl up with her artificial limb strapped to her back.

Heather says, "Look at me...I can lift my leg in the air!" (just the one, dear?)

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