Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cole v Beckham - WAG's WAR

In a recent interview with Vogue magazine – the one she allegedly stormed out of because she wasn’t receiving enough attention from the stylist – Cheryl y’nailed- it Cole has dug her false nails firmly into the back of Poshtoria Beckham.

This is as a result of the incredible disappearing Cheryl not being contacted by Poshtoria, when it was alleged her husband, Ashley, had been getting more than and cut and blow-dry from a kiss-and-tell hairdresser.

Cheryl reveals to us she was quite shocked as she and Poshtoria have been to the same barbecues! Yes, but I suspect that she, like Crusty, would have thought you were just serving the food, dear.

Always remember, barbecues in the world of celebrity aren’t the same as the ones you have on the council estate back home; it’s an opportunity simply to be gorgeous and offer the odd “mwah, mwah, darling” to those you wish to network with.

It certainly shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to drag an ambassador of our great nation into a world of mucky sleaze and allegation…that is better dealt with in private, dear, behind closed doors.

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