Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Obama Witnesses the Removal of Bush

Well the world has certainly gone bonkers over the inauguration of President Obama today, has it not my darlings?

Dame Crusty has been listening intently to the coverage on Radio 4 and Today's Jim Knocked-Knees has almost been consumed by the very excitement of the occasion.

I was glued to my radio as I listened to his commentary of events, thoughts and observations, from the beginning of his piece to its end - some 12 hours later.

One had hoped to hear the hunkalicious package of presidential power speak but old Knocked-Knees was having none of it.

Mr Knocked-Knees explained that although today was a celebration, with Afghanistan, Iraq, the economic nose dive into the abyss, terrorism and the removal of all traces of Bush from his drawers, the next few days will be very difficult for Mr. Obama.

In fairness, dear, I think we need to allow him a little longer than Saturday afternoon to achieve world peace.

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