Saturday, 31 January 2009

Eammon Holmes - From Mountain to Mole Hill

Northern Ireland's tallest mountain, Eamonn Holmes, is to join a new Saturday night program, The Feelgood Factor. The program will aim to show people over the age of 18 how to eat healthily and exercise.

For every pound Eamonn sheds, one pound or more of Her Majesty's coinage will be donated to his two nominated charities; Diabetes UK and Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke.
Crusty would imagine if he manages to reach his ideal weight, both charities should each be able to buy a small island off the coast of Thailand and still have a wealth of money left over to continue the good work they do.

Eamonn hopes that by doing the show he will raise awareness of the connection between Diabetes and being overweight (a very worthy cause, indeed).

If he manages to downsize it would certainly make the viewing public aware that there's been a set behind him all these years.

Good luck to you, Mr. Holmes!

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