Saturday, 17 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother - Muttley Buena Walks

It certainly all seems to be kicking off in the Celebrity Big Brother house recently, doesn't it my little Crustettes? Though I do feel Channel 4 has pushed the boundaries of the word celebrity a tad far this time.

Last night the public voted for Tina Malone to leave. Crusty likes Tina - I think she's got balls!

However, that wasn't the last of it because Muttley decided to go too! She had already said that if she wasn't voted off, she would walk (although Crusty is paraphrasing as she's not the most eloquent bean in the tin).

Having one last chat with Big Brother before going, Muttley said,"'s just the contact, of not being around people that I love." (or, indeed, being stuck in a house full of people no one has ever heard of, dear!)

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