Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Diana Vickers - Spoilt, Sore Loser? ...Discuss.

While I was scooping some cat poop out of the litter tray this evening, I noticed a print out from The Sun's website of an article about Diane Vickers-rhymes-with-knickers; no doubt Chu Me's idea of recycling.

Apparently the tatty-haired banshee threw a bit of a wobbler, after the show last week, at Cheryl Y'Nailed-it Cole.

Curiosity got the better of me and I scraped the litter from the rest of the story and read on. Apparently the national treasure - [does that mean we can bury her? ]- had selected the wrong songs for the pop tart to sing.

DVRWK had wanted to leave last week, as she felt she wasn't going to win - [you don't say!]-but X-Factor bosses stopped her. If only Crusty had been there, she would have pulled the executives to one side, lovingly reached out her arms to the spoilt little princess and mustered up some soothing and motivational words ...such as ..."Here's a tenner for the taxi, Chicken!"

Ms Vickers evidently knew she had reached her peak....squeak, more like!


  1. Ah...but won't you miss that accent. Where was she from anyway? I think she deserved the sympathy vote - or at least her hair did. I wonder if I can persuade Joe Swash to enter next year.....

    Ophelia Buttocks

  2. My Darling Buttocks,

    If your powers of persuasion are so charged, then do so with my blessing!

    "People will most probably know me as Mickey from Eastenders."

    Darling, that's all the British public know you from... unless there are people who saw you in a pantomime in some obscure corner of England, or they're the owner of the emporium you purchase your Kebabs from when you've been out on the piss.

    Crusty x