Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Shoe Is Not Just For Christmas, President Bush!

Chef emailed Dame Crusty today from his family home in Italy; he was very concerned I wasn't receiving the nourishment I required.

I emailed him to put his mind at rest and told him how Chu Me was always managing to whip up something to put between my lips and munch on.

He attached a small link to his email. It is something I would love to share with my little Crustettes.

You will recall, not long ago, a young gentleman took off his shoe during a press conference and through it at Mr.Bush. I, for one, put down my gin bottle, sighed and wished that I had thought of that while we have been attending the same public functions... well now you can.

Chu Me and I have been playing it for hours...just click here and pick a shoe.

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