Sunday, 14 December 2008

Girls Aloud Party

When I received my invitation to attend the Girls Aloud Party (televised last night), I couldn't find the words to respond I just didn't go. I have to say that the decision was the right one.

What a pile of plastic, poptastic poo!

The party proved - although I saw no drinks or nibbles anywhere - beyond a shadow of doubt, that you can make millions of Her Majesty's pounds by clattering around a stage in frilly frocks, stillies and lip gloss and with very little else. Apart from a couple of the girls who managed to hit various notes throughout the shindig - Cheryl y'nailed it Cole not being one of them - the rest were as badly tuned as the hedge trimmer Chu Me uses on my bikini line.

And isn't it ironic that Mrs. Cole - whose singing was flatter than Brie Van Der Kamp's chest - could mentor someone as knicker-wettingly good as Alexandra Burke?

Girls Aloud? I suggest you turn it back down, dears!


  1. Bummer. I've just bought tickets to their concert.


  2. My Dear Ophelia,

    My sadness for you is infinite. I hope you can gain some comfort in the knowledge that there will be a support act...oh...and, I expect, a hotdog stand.

    I trust this helps ease your pain?

    Crusty x