Monday, 1 December 2008

Brian Paddick - Out of the Jungle

I was in the bathroom earlier, following the instructions of a DIY Sack-Back-and-Crack Wax Kit - rather unsuccessfully I might add...all I managed to remove was two rolls of wallpaper and a soap dish - when my faithful houseboy Chu Me came in to tell me Brian Paddick had been voted out of the I'm A Nobody, Please Find Me a Future jungle.

Despite my good friend, Lady Ophelia Buttocks, recommending me to view this show I had failed to do so, but having watched the highlights and seen former PC Paddick-of-the-Yard scrubbing his dirty truncheon in the nearby rockpool...well let's just say my collar was fine but Crusty's cuffs needed urgent attention [wink, wink], if you know what I mean. I believe Chu Me did as I haven't seen him since......Chu Me!!

Good luck, Brian....may your future prove as successful as your past and if that star ever falls from your truncheon, Crusty will be there to catch it!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, a convert. I love it when I gently nudge someone towards the jungle and they are caught up in the drama of talentless people arguing and bathing naked. I must admit that I think Brian is a donkey (in it's most derogatory sense) so was pleased as Punch to see him go.

    An ode to Joe

    Joe, Joe please don't go
    We all really love you so
    Even though your name is Swosh
    We want you to win the dosh.

    Ophelia Buttocks