Saturday, 6 June 2009

Caroline Flint Clomps Away From Cabinet

Well, poppets, the state of British politics is certainly bobbing along on the winds of change, is it not? The expenses malarkey has certainly made people stand up and think and certainly made our long, long, long, long ... well, it seems like eternally serving .... Labour politicians stand up and think how quickly and effectively they can stab our Prime Minister in the back.

One has never been particularly fond of Gordon I'm-sinking-faster-than-a-hooker-with-two-minutes Brown but must admit there was a squeal of glee from Crusty's vocal opening when the pool of noxious slime - Brown's predecessor, Tony Blair - was booted out/resigned* (*- delete as appropriate).

Anyhoo .... dressed in something far too tight for her shape - which had clearly been last put on a boil wash in error - Europe Minister Caroline my-haircolour's-natural Flint clomped up the path of Downing Street to deliver her resignation.

She explained to the Prime Minister that he was only using her as "female window dressing".

Goodness me, poppets, he'd need to invest in a substantially wide window and once in situ I would doubt the sight of that one on display would entice anyone into the shop!

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