Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Mystery of The Stig Continues ....

I was delighted to see the return of Top Gear on Sunday night. One has always loved to see the antics of the dynamic trio as they wreak havoc on our roads, tracks and waterways.

The continuity announcer was titillating us with the news that The Stig would be revealing his true identity during the show; well, of course, I was glued to my set, eager for the unveiling.

Crusty sat through the first section of the great race from London to Edinburgh; the lovely James May in his seductive Jaguar, Jeremy in his gleaming steam train and little pocket-sized, cute as a button Richard on his motorcycle. The latter was the most surprising of the night; as we know Richard can be quite the morsel of eye candy and the thought of his slithering in to a leather bike suit made ones toes curl; yet, when he emerged, straddled his beast and tried to pump it into life, one looked at his diminutive stature and could only see Stuart Little on his way to a gay S & M club.

Anyhoo … the moment arrived and The Stig entered the hanger and walked toward the stage. Crusty gasped as the mysterious figure lifted both of his hands and grabbed his shiny, white helmet and slowly started to pull it off in front of Jeremy and the audience.
To the surprise of everyone, the enigmatic racing driver turned out to be none other than Michael Schumacher!

Crusty however is not convinced and one’s mystical powers are saying he was only on because he owned the £1million pound super car being timed or that Ferrari themselves had said they would only lend one to the show on the understanding that Mr Schumacher drove it.

I therefore put it to the world that the mystery of The Stig continues …..

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