Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson Moonwalks Through the Pearly Gates.

1958 - 2009

BBC News 24, Sky News and Fox News have scrambled to get an exclusive, having talked at length for hours of the "possible" and "unconfirmed" death of Pop-licious Michael Jackson; "I wouldn't like to speculate until we have confirmation" (however, I will continue to fill time should it be announced and we get an exclusive)

They have searched frantically to find anyone who might have known him, talked to him or brushed against him in a shopping mall. Poor Uri Geller has had a particularly busy night, flipping from one news channel to the next and not being able to talk to any of them...until the Sky News crew turned up with cameras, make-up and lighting and then you couldn't shut him up if you tried. We even had revelations of hypnosis and unethical questions.

Well, the news has finally been confirmed that pop legend Michael Jackson has sadly passed and moon walked through the pearly gates to his heavenly stage in the sky.

He has brought us love, joy, intrigue and shock and, most of all, wonderful music and creativity throughout his long career.

He may be gone but, one suspects, he will never be forgotten by all lovers of music, whichever musical train they travel on.

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