Sunday, 22 March 2009

Easter Preparations - Full Steam Ahead

Well, Crusty has been a busy girl! There are preparations underway in the village, which Crusty Hall looks down on, for the annual Easter celebrations.

All of the residents are getting involved; there's to be a procession around the village green, which Dame Crusty will be heading in the open topped Bentley (so the locals can show their appreciation for their jobs on the estate), followed by floats representing the local traders and Wing Commander Bertie of Chipmunk Squadron is planned for a fly past at 3pm - this year, hopefully, without the crop spraying nozzles switched on; as a result of this oversight last year 10 people were rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties ... having said that, the roses came up lovely so every cloud ....

Mr. Peppercorn, the Butcher, has purchased a new Easter Bunny outfit from Ebay - actually, there were no Bunny costumes so he showed his usual resourcefulness by buying a Scooby Doo costume, attaching some new ears with an alice band and cutting off the tail and attaching his wife's muff to the rear end instead. I am quite sure once he has his little basket full of eggs, none of the villagers will notice the difference. The flippers he bought for feet were a concern but he has assured us with the hair he has stuck on from the hairdressers, the finished result is something to behold.

There is to be a small concert to be held at the end of the afternoon, on the village green and with the whole village in attendance. While Mr. Peppercorn jumps throughout the crowd bestowing dyed hard-boiled eggs to all and sundry, the performances will begin. The local children have been given a project to find and interpret a well known film which has eggs as part of it - to carry on the Easter theme - and after searching the video shop's archive are to give us an Easter rendition of Aliens.

The vicar will be giving his annual Easter address (he is quite a political animal and no doubt will again be publicly bashing the Bishop), the vicar's wife, Marjorie, will be performing a selection of Andrew Lloyd Webber classics (the less said about that the better), Chu Me will be using all the skills he learned in his own village in a land far, far away to sit on top of a Pole (he's been doing some electrical work at the Town Hall) and see if anyone can manage to pull him off for a pound and yours truly will be performing a 30 minute repertoire on the vicar's beautifully polished organ.

There are still some meetings to be held to incorporate more into the festivities but all certainly seems to be on track for a wonderful day. Crusty will, of course, keep her little Crustettes, updated.

I shall keep my little Crustettes informed of progress.

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