Friday, 18 December 2009

Winter Arrives At Crusty Hall.

This morning, one was descending elegantly down the grand staircase at Crusty Hall, in a rather stunning Versace gown. At the bottom of the staircase stood one’s faithful houseboy, Chu Me.

He had a look of excitement on his face and looked as if he was about to burst as he made small jumping motions, while rapidly clenching his little clenched hands.

“Hail, mistress!” He shouted.

As one passed him, one patted him gently on the top of his head, “Goodness, Chu Me, your practically family, dear … a simple good morning would have sufficed.”

A puzzled expression locked on his gorgeous little face.

One continued down the vast main corridor towards the Breakfast Room, but as one passed by the Drawing Room, Chu Me stopped one in one’s tracks. He beckoned one’s gaze towards the door, then gripping his hand around the glistening knob in front of him and began to push forward.

It was then that one saw the bleaching tumblage of tiny hail stones ricocheting off the giant window with a frantic wintry rhythm (as if entertainment legend Bruce Forsythe were tap dancing away on a sheet of black ice).

Winter is officially upon us, poppets!

One knows one heard a lady of weather predictions – and on the BBC, no less - warning us of a bitterly cold and snowy winter but one dismissed such nonsense immediately.

We all remember the prediction earlier in the year - from the very same source, too - of the barbecue summer we could all expect, which turned out to be two hours on a Tuesday afternoon in July. Sadly one had been out so missed it, although even if one had got back in time, Chu Me had already put Mr Peppercorn’s sausage away.

Anyhoo … all indications suggest the BBC bad weather boffins are accurate with regard to the forthcoming Winter.

One prays all of one’s poppets and twitter-chums stay safe and warm as Mother Nature blasts her icy wind across Her Majesty’s realm.


  1. Delighted in the update Daaaling. Quite White here in Amsterdam fluffy bits of nostalgia all over the place. So glad the gardener trimmed the boxwood in time to give it a perfect armature for winter elegance.

  2. My dear poppet!!!

    One is elated to receive your comment. And how ironic you should mention the word 'elegance' when you are the very word in human form.

    One trusts you and yours are prepared for the festive season and one is dismayed one can not be in the gorgeous Amsterdam too. One thing is for sure, there are Christmas Crusty Cuddles on their way to you from Crusty Hall.

    love and cuddles,
    Crusty (& Chu Me)