Saturday, 12 December 2009

Strictly Arlene v Alesha?

Former judge of that rather energetic hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, Arlene Philips has spoken out about her sacking from the show.

One always used to like to watching dear Arlene, as she judged the weekly performances from the participating celebrities.

Though she often spoke in riddles and her hair appeared to have been deployed in hedge-warfare, there was always something soothing about having her amongst the panel; similar to dancing as a child at a family gathering and granny spurring one on with her kind words, while slipping a quick shot from the hip flask stashed in the Louis Vuitton handbag under the table.

Anyhoo … on the decision and in an interview with Glamour, Arlene said once the producer gave it to her, she “couldn’t take it in.”

She thought she was good at what she did but then felt shocked to find out she was not.

It is true that Alesha may be aesthetically delicious, where as Arlene is not, but one must say a more mature outlook is required for such an important show and especially when it is to raise money for charity.

Furthermore, it is quite distracting the non-graspulization that Alesha has over when to use the words "was" and "were"; one minute sounding like a Street-wise teenager - "You was fantastic", "They was perfect steps" – and the next like a Somerset sheep farmer - “I were a dancer like you”.

She may be able to dance a light fandango but she is clearly unable to string a grammatical sentence together.

One thinks the probationary period is now over. We’ve had the addition of the fabulous Darcy Bussell and now one feels the party’s over for Ms Dixon and that Arlene must take her rightful place amongst the ‘men’ and Len again.

Oh yes, Alesha has had experience auditioning dancers for rather irritatiing videos for her music, however, that does not compare - in the slightest - to the work and experience that dear, sweet Arlene has acquired and provided over her many, many, many, many years.

BBC? Please re-think and return our queen to her rightful throne

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