Monday, 25 May 2009

Vicar Searches for Mrs Tickles' Clematis

The Bank Holiday weekend and Crusty was at a loss as to what to do.

My little poppet, Colin his-twinkle-makes-y’-tingle Briggs, had announced he was attending the Northumberland Show...what a wonderful idea, I thought; I could present him with the special diamond encrusted rosette I had made for him for being Best at Show but then I remembered that the smell of animals and manure would remind me too much of the household staff's quarters here at Crusty Hall, so eventually decided against it. My darling Colin can be awarded his rosette another time.

Anyhoo.... in the end I thought I would pay a visit to the village garden centre - owned by Mr. and Mrs. Tickles - to see if there was anything interesting to buy for gardener to plant this Summer.

Walking past the fuchsias I saw a rather striking Coachman; floral tentacles hanging beautifully from the surrounding velvety plants...but it wasn't quite the show I was looking for. Instead, I made my way to Mrs Tickles' famous bush section. It was here - while standing gazing in awe at her Dusky Beauties - I saw the vicar rummaging near her Little Scamp.

"You look lost, vicar." I said, "are you looking for something in particular?"

"I'm looking for the Clematis." He replied exasperated.

"Most men are, dear! Try a little further up ... past the water feature."

I finally managed to see a couple of items I liked but feel it would be better to check with gardener first. One would hate to disrupt his horticultural balance.

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