Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jade Ewen - It's My Time?

Crusty is sitting on the edge of her seat for the incredible, glitterlicious extravaganza that is the Eurovision Song Contest, being shown on the glorious BBC tonight.

Chu Me has once again hung Bunty in the ballroom. The household staff are adorned in various European national costumes they have all put together themselves - I am not entirely convinced that the groundsman's apprentice has the ensemble for the Netherlands correct - I suspect there is more to their national dress than a pair of backless leather shorts and a set of nipple clamps. Still as long as he doesn't rest against any of my antique fabrics, I shall accept his attempt.

Crusty herself has squeezed beautifully into a leather, Union Jack catsuit (although around the back there is also the ring of Europe, safely hidden away) with a pair of 6" heeled, thigh-high union jack boots.

Anyhoo... Crusty is looking forward to the first hosting by the gorgeous Graham Norton. One felt it needed to come from a fresher, younger direction and the BBC could not have made a finer choice.

Our own little chanteuse, Jade Ewen, has her work cut out for her and let's hope Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's song takes her to victory or he will be hung .... though, apparently, he already is.

The song is certainly powerful enough and Jade has a bellow-blasting set of lungs on her for someone so deliciously thin, but there is some stiff competition for the likes of Sweden (Malena Ernman) and even - dare I say it - Estonia and Iceland.

Jade and the nation's favourite Lord can only do their best and Crusty and her household are supporting them 100%.

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