Monday, 25 May 2009

Hazel Blears - Satan's Pixie and a Government of Sleaze

Satan's pixie, Hazel Blears, is certainly caught up in the scandal of our MPs expenses.

Strange how the normally vocal ...incessantly vocal ... MP has become less so since the original stories of her first home/second home * (*delete as most profitable) hit the headlines. Was she merely trying to make some flipping money...or not? Who knows and indeed who cares, she and her like must simply be exorcised.

For many years now she has rammed down the nation's throats the sleaze of the previous Conservative government and that all things wrong with the world are because of Margaret Thatcher. How could she have known that it would be her own interfering, dictating government who would, through their own far superior sleaze, have practically instigated the downfall of an internationally respected political institution.

Yet across the parties it is worth remembering that while our brave soldiers are fighting and dying in the sun scorched provinces of Iraq and Afghanastan, in wars that stemmed from political gain and rather dubious intelligence and where there's inadequate equipment due to a lack of public money, at least our MP's are winning in the property market, getting their pipes fixed and acquiring mock Tudor frontage.

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