Monday, 25 May 2009

Crusty Hall on Alert!

I have been greatly concerned recently by the numerous stories in our press concerning the growing number of bee hives being stolen throughout our land.

Crusty, herself, has taken an interest in this world of apiarists and has started her own collection of the little creatures. Their little hive is situated deep in the grounds of Crusty Hall, well away from the hall itself and I have a member of the household staff dedicated to looking after it - she's petrified of them and screams often but if one uses flat tonic in your mistress's drink there has to be consequences.

Anyhoo hasn't gone over board and has only started a short time ago but I have managed to acquired just over three dozen.

My faithful houseboy, Chu Me, has put tight security measures in place, which includes a state of the art silent alarm system; one of it's many advantages is a small warning device that vibrates when activated. The device can easily be stored in my garter.

Chu Me has assured me that should I ever feel a tingle in my thighs, I know someone is sneaking up, intent on grabbing my 38 bees and the police are on their way.

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