Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Jeff Goldblum - He's Alive!!

Apparently, there have been rumours circulating recently that Hollywood heart-throb Jeff Goldblum has died.

What with Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, I heard of these rumours and thought, “Goodness me! They’re all dropping like flies over there!”

Coincidentally, that very analogy reminds Crusty of the time she went to the opening of Goldblum’s Fly

What one’s eyes saw that night was magnificent; not too long, had twists here and there and was beautifully cut. Naturally, one recoiled back in horror when the scaly bits started to show though I suspect that would be a normal reaction for anyone. Yet, Crusty felt utter compassion when one saw Goldblum’s monster hanging in the bedroom – slimy mucus oozing out of it; one felt the urge to hold the beast, stroke it’s head and just let it know it was loved before the inevitable climax.

Anyhoo … I am pleased to be able to tell my Crustettes that one has received accurate information via the Twitterverse that our Independence Day hunk is still very much ALIVE!!


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