Saturday, 25 July 2009

Noel Edmonds Marries New Lady-wife.

Congratulations must be passed on Noel Edmonds' nuptials – the third one to be precise.

Apparently Noel – made famous by his Crinkly Bottom and his glistening chopper – tied the knot with his third lady-wife this week; the beautiful Liz Davies.

The lovers of our scene met across a crowded lip gloss tray in the make-up room of Deal or No Deal and Crusty can almost picture the scene:

Potential Lady-wife: “Oh Noel, won’t you marry me?”

“No deal.”

Potential Lady-wife:
“Marry me, or I’ll make you look your age!”

Noel: “Deal!”

The couple enjoyed a joint Hen and Stag party on Wednesday evening in the grounds of the Lower Slaughter House in the Cotswolds, where fancy dress was the word de jour; the ladies dressed in white bridal gowns and the gorgeous Liz dressed in a nun’s habit (cheeky!). Noel, on the other hand, was attired in a white embroidered Bishop’s gown - complete with mitre – while the other males came as clergymen (one suspects that involves panting, high pitched muffled moaning and rapid signs of the cross)

And so – soon after - their love was officially sealed and they are now planning to spend their lives together as perfect soul mates. Let us hope that our little Noel has opened the right box.


  1. God bless him and all who sail in him!

  2. Indeed, may his highlights eternally shimmer, his lowlights eternally throb and his laughter lines be covered always by the skill of her craft.