Friday, 17 July 2009

Brittle Spears - Her True Voice?

Crusty’s chuckle-muscle was exercised recently by some information passed to one by one of my Facebook chums. The information came by way of a video extract and claimed to be a sound technician’s secret recording of pop pile-up Brittle Spears while she was performing at recent concerts.

While Brittle clops around the stage with a gyratory lower abdominal expanse, the crowd hear pitch perfect melodies and enjoy the show. However, it would appear the poor dears who manage the sound back stage have to suffer a far more distressing evening.

Such vital information should have been dispersed to my loyal Crustettes as a matter of urgency – one must apologise for the delay in one’s report – but one has only stopped laughing since returning from Count Everard’s.

The question is, of course, are the suggestions that Brittle sings like a donkey with the pitch of a medieval harpy real?

Well, Crusty is certainly convinced there’s been no tommery-jiggery-pokery involved, however, ultimately it is for my poppets to decide for themselves. One thing Crusty knows is that by the time she comes to sing Hit Me Baby One More Time one thought, "there's never a frying pan around when one needs one".

Please click on the picture of dearest Brittle above, to study the evidence ... oh dear, I've just started giggling again.

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  1. I think Ms Brittle Chops need some guidance from an all round entertainer like your goodself Dame Crusty!