Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dame Crusty - The Agony Aunt Returns.

It has been a while since "agony" has been popped into one's box - refering, of course, to the box of correspondence one receives each day from my faithful housboy, Chu Me.

This week, however, a troubled poppet has written to Crusty seeking advice.

Dear Dame Crusty,

I'm sleeping with the boyfriend of my best friend. She's really in love with him but he's planning on leaving her for me. I really want to stay friends with her but I don't know what she'll do when she finds out.

Chardonnay, Newcastle

Dear Poppet,

Well, you have been the little tramp haven't you? Your urges have got you in quite a pickle but I suspect when your best friend finds out, she'll kill you and you shan't have to worry your tarty little head about it. I hope this helps.


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