Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Helping Those In Need.

I took a gentle saunter,
Along the cliffs last night,
When I came across a gentleman,
He gave me quite a fright.

I thought I was alone up there,
Just me and a star-filled sky,
Until I saw his silhouette
Out of the corner of my eye.

He was standing very near the edge,
Motionless and looking down
And as I sashayed to the side of him
I made out his troubled frown.

As the lighthouse, not so far away
Did its duty and proudly flashed,
The angry waves beneath us,
Against the jagged rocks, they crashed.

“Goodness, poppet, what’s on your mind?
You’re risking life and limb!
You’re standing too close to the edge of the cliff
And the ground here’s very thin.”

It was then there was a reaction
- And much to my surprise -
He turned his head toward me,
With sad, tear-sodden eyes.

Then he poured his heart out to me
-It must have been an hour -
His divorce … the child with ASBOs
And his lack of pulling power.

The car he’d had for just a month,
That had now been repossessed …
(One was beginning to wish one hadn’t asked
As I too, was becoming depressed.)

…The job he had excelled at,
Now gone … he was on the dole,
His entire life oh so meaningless,
Disappearing down life’s plughole.

After one heard the poor man’s problems,
One didn’t know what to say.
So, instead I smiled … gave him a gentle push
And helped him on his way.



  1. All you had to do was push but you didn't push hard enough! I missed the rocks by a good ten feet. I'll be there again tonight. Please put more shoulder in your push this time, Dame Crusty.

  2. My Dearest Uncle Dick,

    I truly thought I had succeeded, as I walked off sipping one’s gin and chuckling contentedly to oneself...though not in a cruel way of course.

    I must tell you that this very afternoon, at Crusty Hall, some rather unkempt individual was collecting old trainers for a poor school’s sports day and I had advised her I knew where one could lay one’s hands on some slightly blood stained Reeboks ... I assured her they were of the utmost quality – if not a little damp … and perhaps ripped - and like the previous owner the lucky little poppet who received them was sure to fly through the air once he (or indeed she) popped them on. Having said that, I doubt whether they would repeat the elegance you showed last night, particularly when you somersaulted after bouncing off those two preening puffins relaxing on the first ledge down.

    Anyhoo … tonight it is! This time I shall leave the stilettos at home and shall opt for a more practical pump; that way I can perhaps build up some speed as I come from behind. As a precaution, please ask the gorgeous Lady JJ to pack a thermos and a waterproof jacket, should we need to make a few attempts.

    Love, joy and laughter & happiness ever after,

    Crusty xx

  3. I loved the poem! Better luck next time. But take comfort that even in China they have similar problems.

    Here is a short haiku-like piece I wrote a while ago .


    Summer - 2 men and a bridge/
    One man plans to jump/
    One man bridges thought to deed.