Monday, 9 November 2009

Sven Advertising Helps Crusty.

Crusty awoke this morning with a slight sniffle but one couldn’t find a tissue anywhere. A building the size of Crusty Hall, with so many rooms, and not a sumptuously soft nasal-residue remover to hand. Would you believe it?

One remembered Chu Me is very meticulous about keeping his collection of specialist nature DVDs in tip-top shape, so one suspected he had used them all in order to give a quick squirt and a wipe to his pride and joy.

Never mind, one continued with one’s morning routine then, after breakfast, one dressed for the icy winds outside and took GUSSET 2 down to the village chemist to replenish one’s stocks.

As one’s gleaming Aston pulled up outside the doorway, one completely forgot the quality brand of tissues one normally procures for the main household.

As one locked the car door, entered the shop and walked towards the counter, one saw the village Chemist, Annelise Stules-Hoffen, stood attentively behind the counter.

“Good morning, Dame Crusty.” She said, dressed in her crisp white coat and decorated with a welcoming smile.

“Good morning, dear!” One replied, before continuing on one's quest, “Annelise, poppet, one seems to have ran out of tissues at Crusty Hall and one has an frightful sniffle starting, but one can’t remember the quality brand one normally purchases.”

It was at that moment one remembered the advert on television one had seen only the night before.

“Ah, wait one moment, dear! They’re the ones where that rather chunky gentleman sits weeping on the settee stroking his furry, wrinkled friend and his fiancé gives him one from behind.”

Annelise’s eyes widened and then a frown appeared on her gorgeously smooth forehead as she tried to solve the puzzle.

“You know, dear, the one where saucy Sven-Goran Eriksson is dribbling over the player’s wash basket in the changing room; the door opens and that rather hunky sportsman slips in to grab his balls … then when he shoots off, he leaves Sven on his knees with his back arched, he arms outstretched and a satisfied smile on his face.”

It was as if our minds had connected telepathically and a box of Kleenex was lifted from underneath the counter.

“Splendid! Better take two, poppet, just in case Chu Me’s in buffing mode again.”

With that, one headed back to the warmth of one’s home thinking how remarkable it was that the world of advertising helps us so much in our daily interaction with one another!

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