Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Jedward To Skydive Into Bush?

One wonders if any poppets have been tuning into 'I Need Publicity ... Any Chance of Getting Me In There'.
How ironic it was that as one pair of unpleasant, overrated breasts left the jungle, rumours were abound of another pair of equally unpleasant, overrated breasts were going in.

One, of course, refers to Jedward/John & Edward/the Brothers Grime/Satan's offspring* (*- delete as appropriate) from this years X-Factor.

Crusty, however, can now confirm - after further investigations - that they will not be skydiving into the nations most famous bush, since Katie Price walked off the show earlier in the week (Chu Me! ... Cancel the drop of Funnel Webs).

You know poppets, one can hardly blame dear Katie for her decision; the voters were being quite beastly in constantly putting her through for the jungle challenges. Personally, one would have walked off as soon as one was passed a beaker of cockroach smoothie.

Really! There are certain things a lady should not be made to swallow and the next time one bumps into Ant and Dec, one is going to slap their legs.


  1. Wouldn't imagine she has much of a bush.

    Or have I just misread that?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A bird in the hand is worth two bush comments...or something like that. Damn blogger playing tricks on be Dame C. Will you ever forgive me?

  4. My dearest Uncle Dick,

    Crusty would forgive her special poppet anything!

    Fancy you reading such smut in one's innocent postings. One should spank your bare buttocks ... but one shall spare you the pain.

    One trusts you are yours are well?