Thursday, 5 November 2009

Rosemary Shrager Goes Too Far.

One has always been a great supporter of the wonderful array of cookery programmes we enjoy on our televisions and the very channels that specialise in such culinary education. Instructing us all how to eat well and healthily is a must.

Over the years one has adored the gorgeous Jeni Barnett on Good Food Live; one's temperature soars at the very sight of the delicious Matt Tebbutt and the bundle of Yorkshire butchness James Martin and as for Delia Smith ... well, the woman is simply an idolised goddess in oven mitts and a pinny.

But it seems that televisual cooking classes are now penetrating the world of advertising and one wonders if this is not going a little too far.

For example, does one really need to see Rosemary Shrager's breasts - in their crispy skin - being pulled apart only to see runny cream cheese oozing out and dripping all over her work surfaces?

One thinks not!