Friday, 16 October 2009

The Moon Strikes Back!

Internet news stories have revealed that a 4lb lump of metal, which smashed through the roof of a house in Hull was in fact space debris!!

The intergalactic object crashed into the loft of Peter and Mair Welton’s home and an immediate investigation was carried out by the RAF Flight Safety Branch; the item was thought to have fallen from an aircraft (note to self – have pilot check the bottom of the jet before next excursion). The RAF experts were later able to confirm it was ‘space debris’, however, it was unknown where the metal came from.

Let us look back over recent weeks, poppets! Let us look at certain events that have taken place! One is particularly thinking of the rather surprising actions taken by NASA in their ongoing investigation of the moon. Some weeks ago they fired a large rocket from Earth and sent it crashing into a rather plain and dreary section of the Moon’s surface, looking for water.

Imagine if you will, a family of Mooners sitting in their subterranean dwelling enjoying a family meal and the latest edition of Space Factor; suddenly a giant pointy projectile crashes through their roof, shattering their dining room table and blasting their fish supper, Dover solar, all over the walls. True, the attackers were kind enough to send along a follow up craft to vacuum up the mess, but wouldn’t you be furious?!

One would certainly be picking up the largest lump of metal, or some such fancy, one could find to propel it towards an equally plain and dreary part of the attacker's planet ... coincidentally as Mr Welton was looking for water in the upstairs bathroom.

A valuable lesson must be taken from this episode, poppets; though we may think we are masters of the universe (though, not looking quite as delicious as Dolph Lundgren in his skimpy trunks, body harness and cape) we are not! There may be others with equally short tempers and impatience watching from beyond the stars.


  1. My sympathy goes to the Mooney family. Am sure they are one of your eager followers Dame Crusty and on behalf of the normal earthling (all politicans are excempt) extend our apologies to you. After all I bet it was quite a shocking surprise to have a giant pointy projectile crashing through their chimney breast.
    Yours stumpette

  2. Indeed, poppet! One can think of nothing worse than trying to relax and suddenly finding a long pointed object lodged between one's breasts!

    DCG x