Sunday, 25 October 2009

Clever L'Oreal Confuses Dame Crusty.

One was sitting in the Drawing Room last night watching the simply stunning Katherine Jenkins being interviewed by that odious little man, Piers Morgan.

One was highly impressed with her honesty, the closeness of her family and the privacy she wished to maintain regarding her relationship with all-round-action-studmuffin and slithery-hips Gethin Jones.

During one of the commercial breaks, just as one was taking a sip of a rather delicious gin and tonic that Chu Me had prepared, there came the close up shot of Cheryl y’nailed it Cole upon one’s 32 incher. I felt her eyes staring straight at one as she asked, “Weak? Limp? And Lifeless?”

“I know you are, dear!” One shouted.

Apparently, however, she wasn’t asking one’s opinion; it was a L’Oreal advert!

She’s certainly got her fingers in many pies, does she not, poppets?

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