Sunday, 15 February 2009

Chu Me - A Valuable Lesson Learned!

Friday night and I had finally managed to persuade my faithful houseboy to leave his duties and have a night off.

All the staff had left Crusty Hall and the security devices throughout the grounds were set, so I felt safe within my fortress of solitude. I told him to go and let his hair down; enjoy a night of cocktails in the watering holes of Newcastle city centre; there’s nothing he likes more, to help him relax, than force a few Black Russians down the back of his throat, I can tell you.

Next morning I unlocked the front door to find a rather tired and scruffy Chu Me standing in front of me. As I raised an inquisitive eyebrow, he slid past me, with a look of shame on his face, and headed towards his quarters mumbling under his breath.

It was not until my darling Mark Warr, emailed me with concerns about Chu Me’s well being that the full picture began to emerge. Evidently Mark, while on a night out, had seen someone huddled up, shivering in a doorway at Newcastle Central Station. After poking away gently he realised it was Chu Me he had come across.

Chu Me had explained that he had returned to Crusty Hall but he had lost his key (again, I might add – no matter what I tie it tightly around he always loses it!). Apparently my back entrance had been well and truly pummelled with his little fist but I was completely unaware of it. Anyhoo.... he had made his way back to the city centre in search for another cocktail or two to dull h is frustration.

Mark suggested Chu Me seek shelter and warmth somewhere in the Station and eventually he found it in the overnight toilet in the station; he would stay there until morning arrived.

He managed to get some sleep before a railway porter came in, knelt by him and blew his whistle; Chu Me moaned, blinked his tired eyes rapidly and shot off within seconds.

Thank you Mark, I am indebted to you, dear!

As for Chu Me…well I think he has learned a valuable lesson.

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