Monday, 13 April 2009

A Sadness We Share With Chu Me.

On Easter Sunday morning, one arose early for the festivities. There was a spring in Crusty's step that altered her usual, graceful hip action. As I walked to my dressing room I suddenly screeched to a halt and spun round - someone had entered my bed chamber!

As I looked towards the door I saw my faithful houseboy, Chu Me, standing in front of me. His face was ashen and one could see the lines marking his face where tears had ran down in torrents from his beautifully formed tear ducts.

"Chu Me, dear, what on earth is the matter? You look like Brittle Spears being told she'll have to sing live."

He showed me a polaroid he had taken and I nearly fainted.

Apparently, Chu Me arose this morning - this holy morning - to find a fox had managed to get in and bite the head of his cock off!

As a result, all of his hens will be wearing black arm bands for an acceptable period of mourning.

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