Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chu Me Misses His Dumplings

All in all, I think the short break at Crusty Towers - one's penthouse flat in the centre of Valencia - has done my faithful houseboy, Chu Me, the world of good. He seems to have completely set aside the trauma of that nasty fox ripping the head of his cock off and appears back to his usual, efficient self.

Crusty, however, feels that he is pining for his lady friend back home. It's certainly nothing serious, you understand but in recent weeks, before we left the north east of England, he has been spending a lot of his free time with the daughter of the village florists, Mr and Mrs Tickles.

There daughter is a rather unattractive little filly who always chooses to wear comfortable shoes and a durable denim ensemble; by all accounts she is quite an accomplished cook, if not a little repetitive; Chu Me is constantly telling me how much he enjoys nipping down to munch on her dumplings.

Crusty still remembers the day of the christening of this young girl; Mr and Mrs Tickles practically forced myself and Chu Me to attend. One remembers it was a glorious day; the sun was shining down on the righteous and the heat was blistering in the village church and one made every effort to make sure one's outfit was a glorious as the occasion itself.

The entire congregation circled the font to witness the christening of this rather rotund child dressed, not in swaddling clothes, but more a rather badly crocheted woolen wrap and then, of course, one remembers the gasp from those attending when the vicar asked Mr and Mrs Tickles what name was to be given to their child ... they proudly announced, "Tess!"

Anyhoo .... I have reminded Chu Me that we will be returning to Crusty Hall within a matter of days and he can be with his Tess Tickles once more.

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