Monday, 22 February 2010

Eastenders - Underneath the Archies.

Well, poppets, on the 25th anniversary of Eastenders and after a storyline that seemed to have taken just as long to reach its climax, the nation discovered the identity of Archie Mitchell's murderer.

As one pondered the question our glorious BBC posed - Archie's Dead, Whodunnit? - and saw that poor homeless couple drawing attention to themselves on their park bench with over accentuated scarvalwear in a adequately affluent area of our capital, one thought that, in actual fact, the question should've been What did it? To paraphrase the delicious Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, 'It was the script what done him in.'

Yet ... no ... 'twas not. 'Twas the young lady, Stacey (she with the face like a young Les Dawson). Of course one had experienced a bubbling in one's bladder region which suggested she was responsible; the entire square dragged in to the police station to help Walford's Angie Dickinson with her enquiries except her. It was an elementary deduction. Indeed, one's delicious twitterchum Beth even won money after a little flutter! (Our minds were clearly one.)

On the whole, the show was certainly better than one has witnessed before. The live broadcast appeared to have kept the cast on their toes and there seemed something a little special in the air ... other than Bradley.

The uberlicious Barbara Windsor looked stunning and was the consumate professional and all-in-all things seemed to fall into place ... including Bradley.

Dot and Ian Beale shared a moment of reflection after Phil not-now-right-I-said-not-now Mitchell had thrown a tantrum in Beale's bijou living area. Sitting watching a video the editing suite had flung together from episodes of years gone by, Ian turned to Dot and said, "I wish I could go back, Dot: Do things right." (Starting with the acting, dear).

We can only imagine what poignant moments are to pixelate into our home over the coming months, however, one is quite sure it will involve a lot of shouting.

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