Friday, 4 September 2009

X Factor Returns - The Competition is Afoot!

Well, my poppets, the contest is afoot and the X Factor has returned to our screens! Despite pleas from many quarters, it appears there is to be no change in the tired old judging panel (excluding the lovely Louise Walsh, of course).

In our second instalment, we saw a medley of outfits being worn by the female judges. One in particular caught Crusty’s eye. A creation flung on by Cheryl y’nailed-it Cole, which resembled something she could have ripped off an 86 year old pensioner as she was leaving her Tuesday night Bingo meet (the pensioner, not Mrs Cole); a paisley type affair with burgundy ruffles around neck and arm apertures. Quite bizarre, I can tell you! One has read articles written about our Geordie clotheshorse – by those who know no better - telling us how she dresses in a very ‘chic’ style; on scanning one’s keyboard, one can see how easily this typo can occur when the ‘C’ is so very close to the ‘S’ and the ‘T’.

Louise, thankfully looked very relaxed – one worries about him, you know? Simon, was…well … Simon and I do believe Dannniiiii Minge (sorry, my keyboard’s sticking) was leaking bollocks ….(thank you, Chu Me!) …. B-o-t-o-x!

I know, one could hardly believe one’s eyes; one is convinced that at some stage of the proceedings two wrinkle lines appeared above her right eye brow as she attempted some unrecognisable facial expression.

Anyhoo … there have been some very interesting contestants so far. In particular, the trio of beauties known as Misfits singing their version of Brittle Spears’ ‘Toxic’; Having seen poor Brittle in live performances of the song, I had always had a desire to see lyrics and lips synchronize in harmony but never quite managed it with Brittle. Misfits satisfied one’s curiosity and their audition was magnificent. Crusty would not be at all surprised if they go all the way.

We shall see how the rest of the auditions go but one has to say, one is quite excited about this years competition.


  1. Grrr.... I have more to say but, for the sake of this family friendly blog, I will merely repeat: grrr...

  2. My Dearest Uncle Dick,

    One suspects our Grrrrrness echoes in unison, dear! God help us all, until the sale of a predictable Christmas number one that no one particularly cares about or buys.

    Love, joy and laughter ...

    DCG xx