Saturday, 1 August 2009

Employment Agencies - Qualified to Recruit?

I was cleaning out some old bits of rubbish from the study this morning and came across a print off one had taken of a job advertisement. It was placed on a reputable website, by an even more reputable employment agency and I believe it was advertised around 2004.

One remembers printing it off as I was agog at the number of mistakes throughout the piece and really wondered if the agency who placed the advert should, indeed, be qualified to select candidates for inclusion in the work place.

Crusty swears this is the actual advert placed although one has removed the company name so as to avoid embarrassment. (apologies for the poor scanning quality but for some reason there was baby oil smeared on the glass platen - goodness only knows what Chu Me was scanning last night!)

I have never found out how many people ansered the advert but let us hope someone was lucky enough to obatain the postion.


  1. One of the few jobs I would feel confident applying for. Most ads these days make the job sound like performing advanced astro-physics in zero-gravity whilst wearing boxing gloves on your feet. By the time I've gone through their requirements, I don't bother applying.

    It was all much easier when we had the show on Channel 4. Jobs would come to me.

  2. My Dearest Uncle Dick,

    Then we must campaign to have you returned to the bosom of Channel 4 immediately.

    Although, quite fankly, Crusty believes the diminishing quantity of jobs would purely be because of jealousy; jealousy at your jounalistic skill and overall gorgeousness. Furthermore, one believes the majority of people in Her Majesty's realm look upon you in awe and perhaps are afraid of your entertainment power. Was it not Doris Day who once said "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"?

    Crusty x