Monday, 4 January 2010

Ashley Cole - A Troubled Poppet.

One was saddened to see the smolderingly-sexilicious Ashley Cole - footballing husband to Cheryl y'-nailed-it Cole - back in the news today. It appears our tormented poppet has had another spot of bad luck.

While out for a discrete drive in his shiny Lamborghini, the local constabulary allegedly caught him doing 105 m.p.h. in a 50 zone.

A statement was read out in court that Ashley was attempting to evade prying paparazzi and this was the reason for his naughtiness. Mrs Lady Judge was not impressed (and frankly, who could blame her?) She warned that, at sentencing, his punishment may be stiff.

However, time is still on his side and one feels, if he changed his statement and appealed to the Judge's heartstrings and better nature, he could sway her to be understanding and lenient.

He only need tell her he was trying to get out of earshot of his wife's singing practice and one is sure the case would be dismissed immediately.

Let us hope, perchance, he stumbles across one's wise typlings.

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