Saturday, 29 May 2010

SATC2 - Crusty's Eureka Moment!

It would appear the nation’s press has gone sex mad with regard to the imminent release of Sex and the City 2, the [it says here] long awaited sequel to Sex and the City 1.

The cast of the film, of course, remains the same; the uber-gorgeous Kim Cattrall, the stunning Kristin Davis, the delicious Cynthia Nixon … and she who will never know the pain of losing her looks, Sarah Jessica Parker (a woman whom Mother Nature has balance beautifully by putting knobbly knees on her legs as well as her face).

Sitting in the Drawing Room and watching the BBC Breakfast interview - with the rather scary Susanna Reid (she with an extreme expression for any occasion) – one noted to oneself the natural elegance of Kim, Kristin and Cynthia yet was slightly put off by the intense, heavy analytical ramblings of Sarah. One took a sip of some chilled Pere Ventura Chu Me had poured for one and it was at that very moment when one had a Eureka moment!

Yes, the more one looked at SJP in her emerald green frock, the more one was convinced one’s discovery was accurate; bony face, small shifty eyes, the spectacles on/off routine to maintain a Superman-Clark-Kentesque anonimity. Furthermore, one has certainly never seen a photograph of them in the same room.

Could one’s suspicions be true? Could Sarah Jessica Parker be Mr. Woody Allen in lippy and designer frock?

One shall of course monitor the situation and report to one’s poppets as soon as investigations are complete.

Anyhoo … the premier has already been held in the capital, with one’s very own oofalicious poppet, Jake Canuso in attendance along with his good friends Louie the-poppet-is-elastic Spence and the sublimely gorgeous Emma Bunton. The crowds turned up in their thousands – as they often do for such events - and there was a cornucopia of national treasures (including one's Jakey) gliding up the red carpet with an air of glitterliciousness about them.

One must admit one shall no doubt sashay down to one’s private cinema here a Crusty Hall to watch the offering at some point. One certainly managed to get through the last one despite the long drawn out marriage-nonmarriage-get-together-split-up-get-back-together-marry carry on between Mr. Big and Woody Parker. It is clear that any relationship that has to endure that amount of nonsense will be destined to fail and result in a lifetime of lying on a psychiatrists couch (psychiatrists couch?!!! Another link … uncanny!)


  1. Someone once told me my husband looks like Mr Big. Not having ever watched SITC I thought they were being rude. 'Whose Mr Big' I asked can guess. I'm glad to say the confusion was sorted amicably. And he does indeed have a look of Mr. Big. Mmmmmm.


  2. My dearest Ophelia,

    How the world seems so much smaller with the internatular world. You so very far away and one so very, very near.

    One expects one would note a flitting resemblance between your lovely manhusband and Mr. Big if one were squeezing Dribble between one's thighs and galloping past him on a dusky evening, but upon reflection one feels the love of your life is infinitely more delicious!

    Love, joy and laughter,
    Your old chum,

  3. Up to your usual high standard Dame Crusty! I watched the series of Sex & The City from the first episode, loved the first movie and eagerly await seeing the sequel next week! Somehow I think Robin Hood is going to be a poor substitute to keep Ian happy tonight! I am happier with Cosmos & Jimmy Choos personally!

    Enjoy your Eurovision!